Architecture + Construction.

Seamlessly integrated.

Synchro is a diverse team of design and construction professionals committed to crafting a better built environment. We work collaboratively with our clients to create unique solutions tailored to their specific business drivers and user needs.

Collaboration isn’t simply encouraged, it’s the way work gets done.

We approach each project in a way that significantly reduces design and construction time because the two disciplines are synchronized into a single effort.


Simultaneous engagement of both design and construction professionals.

Our integrated team works together from initial project visioning through programming, design and construction documentation, to permitting and construction completion.

Professionally Certified

Synchro architects are certified by the AIA, maintain LEED credentials from the U.S. Green Building Council, and maintain relevant OSHA training.


Our team utilizes the latest design and construction management software and produces detailed 3D + VR renderings and project visuals in-house.


Clear and organized communications throughout the construction lifecycle.

Our project managers and field superintendents have worked on a large variety of complex facilities and are dedicated to delivering quality, safe, and efficient projects for our clients.

From Idea to Solution

From the initial concept through the completed project, Synchro works collaboratively with our clients to help bring their project vision to life.

Designed For Efficiency

Our unique process allows us to partner with our clients so we can truly understand their business needs and design for better efficiency.

Get Solutions From Day One:

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  • Site Due Diligence
  • Master Planning
  • Project Programming
  • Design & Architecture
  • Pre-Construction Activities
  • Construction & Management
A Part of Every Project:

Our process allows our clients to prioritize design decisions around their key project drivers and more strategically decide how to use their budget. At Synchro, real solutions matter. Regardless of where you are in your project planning, we’d love to show you ways we can help.


Quality is a pillar of the Synchro culture. Not only is it mandated, it is understood. With early pre-construction feedback and architect involvement throughout the project, our clients can better prioritize decisions and more strategically utilize their budget.


Safety, like quality, cannot be merely mandated, it must be integral to the mindset of the workplace. At Synchro, all employees undergo OSHA training and we have adopted a system of continuous improvement for our safety practices and policies.


We understand that open communication and transparency are critical to every project’s success. At Synchro, we utilize modern software for design, project management, and to connect our clients to clear and organized project information.