Architecture + Construction.

Seamlessly integrated.

Synchro is a fully integrated design-build architecture and construction firm with diverse experience that benefits our clients at all phases of a project from concept to completion and beyond.

Collaboration isn’t simply encouraged, it’s the way work gets done.

We approach each project in a way that significantly reduces design and construction time because the two disciplines are synchronized into a single effort.


True, custom buildings that meet your vision, budget and schedule.

Our in-house architects work closely with its project managers to create innovative, sustainable industrial designs that positively impact the people, environments and communities they serve.

Professionally Certified

Synchro architects are certified by the American Institute of Architects and maintain LEED credentials from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Customer Focused

Driven by the pursuit of design excellence, our experienced team welcomes customer input and isn’t afraid to get out of the box.


All facets of your project are aligned throughout the construction life cycle.

Synchro construction managers understand the complexities of the building industry and the importance of individualized service.

Concept to Reality

All our designs are thoroughly evaluated with regard to construction, safety, maintenance and other critical factors.

A Rare Efficiency

We use historical data and the latest quantitative budgeting and scheduling models to ensure the success of all our projects.

Get Solutions From Day One:

Synchronized Allocation Strategy (SAS)

Save time, money, and headaches. Contact Synchro.

  • Master Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Site & Floor Plans
  • 3D Modeling
  • Budget & Schedule
  • Rendering
A Part of Every Project:

The SAS delivers crucial conceptual, site and building information at the front-end of your project where 80% of the costs are determined. The SAS process is key to designing and constructing your industrial project on time and in budget.

All Service Offerings

Synchro goes beyond basic design build. To team with Owners, Synchro’s services are most effective early, at the time the Owner recognizes a need. The Synchro SAS analysis provides an early professional assessment of the many issues to be considered with the Owners’ property and their vision for the facility.


Safety, like quality, cannot be merely mandated. It must be integral to the mindset of the workplace. All Synchro employees are trained to enforce our Safety Program during all phases of a project.


Quality, like safety, is a pillar of the Synchro culture. Not only is it mandated, it is understood. Providing value by specifying the appropriate quality level of products and materials during the design and budgeting phases is inherent to our process.

Owner Representative Services

Synchro provides design, quality control, safety evaluations and inspections for Owners during their project delivery process. The scope of these services and inspections are tailored to address the Owner’s specific needs.

Why Synchro?

Success, or failure, is determined in the initial ten percent of the project. The alignment of Synchro’s in-house architects and construction managers during the early programming and conceptual phases is essential to achieving the Owner’s vision, budget and schedule. Learn more